iShot® Base

The universal base of iShot® compatible with all kind of single shots from 0.7” up to 2.4”.
Its four holes allow it to be screwed on any kind of rack or support.
iShot® base is electrically open to all existing firing systems.

iShot® Secured E-Match

Two different Fuse-Heads available: Chinese and European made.
PCB mounted, iShot® Secured E-Match is shunted against stray currents and equipped with an unmovable and tube sealing protective cap.
Once fitted into the plug the Secured E-match the single shot is sealed from the lower side.

iShot® Tube

Tubes and Plugs in different measures: from 0.7’’ to 2.4’’

iShot® Interface

Rack mountable electrical interface for the major firing systems. Customizations available on demand.

iShot® Racks and Supports

Fully made aluminum rack specially designed to support iShot® Base.